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BruxZir Shade Guide

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Since the launch of BruxZir® zirconia, you and your peers have been relying on traditional shade guides for selecting shades for your patients’ zirconia restorations. But conventional shade guides are typically made from porcelain or acrylic. Given the different optical characteristics of zirconia, porcelain and acrylic, choosing zirconia restorations based on a non-zirconia shade guide can increase the risk of metamerism and contribute to mismatched shades for your patients.

To alleviate these concerns, Glidewell engineered the new BruxZir Zirconia Shade Guide. The first shade system dedicated to shade-matching for BruxZir restorations, the BruxZir Shade Guide features shade tabs made from the same BruxZir zirconia Glidewell lab technicians use to create restorations for your patients. In other words, what you see on the BruxZir Shade Guide is what you get when patient crowns & bridges are delivered to you.

The BruxZir Shade Guide is the latest predictable, reliable and affordable solution from Glidewell. I’m confident the new shade guide will enhance the quality of your restorative work and delight your patients, or I wouldn’t put my name on it.

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James R. Glidewell, CDT  |  President and CEO

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BruxZir Shade Guide


Unlike conventional shade guides, the BruxZir Shade Guide is created from genuine BruxZir zirconia with translucency equivalent to the BruxZir Esthetic formulation. It incorporates seven shade tabs, Z2 through Z8, which are equivalent to the most popular VITA® shades, including A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B1, C1, and D2. An additional bleach-colored tab, Z1, is also featured to offer a more complete shade lineup. The reverse side of each shade tab is designed to help you with stump shade assessment.


  • Faster, easier, more accurate shade selection for BruxZir restorations
  • Streamline communication between lab technicians and clinicians to deliver more accurate results
  • Simplified shade selection process with the most widely used shades in dentistry

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Dentists Love the BruxZir Zirconia Shade Guide

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Dr. Taylor Manalili uses the BruxZir Shade Guide in her practice with every zirconia restoration she prescribes.

Yours FREE with a $500 BruxZir Purchase

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