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Like many of you, Glidewell is monitoring the COVID-19 “Coronavirus” situation on a constant basis, looking to follow the recommendations of local and global health officials as to best practices for curtailing any further spread of this outbreak. While we remain committed to serving the needs of the clinicians and patients who depend upon our services, we are equally determined to mitigate the harmful effects of this crisis on our communities and yours.

Current Status

Glidewell production and delivery facilities are fully operational at this time.
If your office is closing for quarantine, please contact us with alternate delivery instructions for any laboratory cases currently in progress.

Auxiliary precautions

Glidewell is devoted to safeguarding the health and well-being of our employees and customers. While those of us in the dental community are no stranger to the risks of blood-borne pathogens and infectious disease, we appreciate the need for an abundance of caution at this time. In addition to exhaustive everyday sanitization protocols and preventive measures on all inbound and outbound cases, Glidewell has undertaken the following auxiliary precautions to combat the spread of COVID-19:

  • Any employee who may present suspicious symptoms has been directed to remain at home in self-isolation until considered noninfectious in accordance with CDC guidelines.
  • All asymptomatic employees have been directed to check their temperature each morning to screen for fever prior to returning to work.
  • All office support personnel equipped with the technology to telecommute have been encouraged to do so for at least the next two weeks.
  • To limit potential transmission, all onsite meetings shall occur via teleconference until further notice.
  • All non-essential business travel has been suspended until further notice.
  • Any employee traveling for personal reasons must receive medical clearance prior to returning to the office.
  • Any and all campus tours or vendor visitations have been suspended until further notice.

FREE Online CE

In addition to our regular assortment of online CE videos available on demand, Glidewell is providing a daily series of special, one-hour webinar courses focused on managing your practice during the COVID-19 crisis. To register for a live webinar, or view recordings of previous webinars, please visit

A Message from
Jim Glidewell, President and CEO

July 2, 2020

Dear Doctor, 

Life has a way of humbling me.

Whatever the accomplishment or milestone, I feel like there’s always some unexpected reality ready to come along and take some of the wind out of my sails.

Literally, in the case of COVID-19.

At the risk of some embarrassment, I’ve shared a snapshot of my personal battle with the illness in our latest, online-only edition of Chairside® magazine. Not to seek attention or sympathy, but because, with so much information and misinformation out there, I think every firsthand account helps to separate fact from fiction.

As you might imagine, lying incapacitated in a hospital for two weeks gave me a lot of time to reflect. Apart from my renewed gratitude for the commitment of health care professionals everywhere, I couldn’t help but acknowledge the temporary nature of success. As the saying goes, we’re either growing or dying. Any period of balance between the two — spent resting on our laurels or enjoying the status quo — is fleeting at best.

I’ve long believed this, and worked accordingly. So I could have done without the painful reminder. But it reiterated in my mind that we can never be complacent. Not if we expect to thrive — as individuals and as professionals — in the long run.

Which is the real reason I wanted to bring awareness to our special edition of Chairside, and the selection of topical business advice and clinical education it contains. Free content designed to help dentists find unique opportunities for growth at this time. Because, for all the challenges and dire possibilities you may be facing, there are some solutions you might implement at this time that will help your practice emerge from this crisis stronger and better positioned for the future than ever before.

To those who’ve extended well wishes, I thank you. And I would return those sentiments to dentists everywhere, who are doing their best to strike a difficult balance between safety and service. I don’t know what the perfect balance between the two may be. I only know that our best hope of finding it is to constantly seek the next form of “better.”

Yours in health,

James R. Glidewell Signature

James R. Glidewell, CDT
President and CEO

View past messages:

Dear Doctor,

By now, I hope you’ve found it safe to return to the office and resume non-emergency services for your patients. The past couple months have proven for many to be the most trying and uncertain in recent memory, and I know we’re all craving a return to some semblance of normalcy.

It’s also become clear that “normal” will have a new meaning in dentistry. For patients and staff to feel comfortable, we’re going to have to double down on infection control. We’re going to have to overcome near-term shortages of PPE for dental personnel. More than ever, we’re going to have to offer predictable, reliable, affordable solutions that make it easier for patients to accept treatment, and for you to maximize the value of your services.

Since the onset of the COVID outbreak, Glidewell has been working with industry experts and everyday practitioners to understand and help dentists prepare for this new reality. In keeping with our 50-year mission to improve patient access to quality dentistry and help practices thrive, we’re compiling a straightforward plan that we believe clinicians can use to return to profitability sooner rather than later.

In this environment, “business as usual” is not a safe path to success. Innovation and growth are required. So I’m inviting you to visit to learn what Glidewell is doing to help practices like yours get back on track, and explore some of the steps we might take toward restoring dentistry as a whole.

We can’t heal all of the sickness and anxiety our communities are enduring. But we can do our part to alleviate discomfort and improve quality of life where we can. That much isn’t new—it’s what we do on a routine basis. It just matters a little more right now.

Yours in health,
James R. Glidewell, CDT
President and CEO

Dear Doctor,

It’s been a little over a month since the ADA recommended all non-emergency dental procedures be postponed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. A drastic measure for clinicians, staff, and patients alike. I hope you’ve been weathering the quarantine well, taking solace in knowing that our isolation tactics are in fact working to preserve health and save lives that otherwise would be lost to this pandemic.


When there’s little I can do to change a situation, I’ve found the best I can do is adapt to it, looking for new opportunities I might not have seen before. So I also hope you’ve been able to benefit at this time by engaging more with immediate family, completing side projects you haven’t had time for, or seeking education that might serve you and your practice going forward.


Our focus has been on the latter. While maintaining operations to fulfill your emergency cases in the short term, we’re working to understand how we can best support you in a post-COVID future. We’ve learned much while communicating with thousands of dentists via our special CE webinar series, where noted authorities such as Drs. Gordon J. Christensen and Roger Levin have been offering practical business advice, legal guidance, and practice management tips on the road to recovery.


And we’ve been putting those lessons into action, converting clinical, R&D, and manufacturing resources toward the production of sanitizing sprays and N95 facemasks. We’re producing nasal swabs for coronavirus test kits and developing self-impression kits to help promote teledentistry for various preventive solutions. We’re researching enhanced infection control procedures for both the lab and the clinic, to better ensure your safety and that of your staff. And we’re accelerating the implementation of digital technologies we believe will be essential to your continued success.


In short, we know this event is going to have a lasting impact, and we’re working as we have for the past 50 years to understand how to help dentistry evolve in a positive fashion. To address your needs for safety, quality, and efficiency. To ensure your practice is up and running smoothly again within a matter of weeks.

So that you can return to your core business of restoring confidence and improving lives.

Yours in health,
James R. Glidewell, CDT
President and CEO

Dear Doctor,

Wherever you are, you’re likely grappling by now with some degree of uncertainty spawned by the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. Here in California, less than a week has passed since the California Dental Association urged dentists to voluntarily suspend non-urgent or non-emergency dental care for the next 14 days, and the American Dental Association recommended that dentists nationwide postpone elective procedures for the next three weeks.

It would appear as though many are complying. Beginning Tuesday, we’ve seen incoming lab cases slow on the order of 15 percent or more each day. As of Thursday, we’re down nearly 50 percent week over week. We don’t know yet where that decline may stabilize. But we respect and applaud both those who’ve taken drastic action to halt the spread of this disease, and those who’ve soldiered on in order to meet the urgent needs of their patients.

Some have asked me to predict what comes next. What impact is this going to have on the dental profession in the short term? In the long term? If only I had access to that crystal ball. Truth is, we’ve never seen something quite like this. So I’m hesitant to take guesses. Will our policies of self-isolation and social distancing last weeks? Months? Practically and economically, there’s a vast difference between the two.

Much of the news, of course, is disheartening. The escalating number of cases, the shortage of tests, the estimated 18-month timeline before any hope of a vaccine. And in the interim, predications of mutant strains, of layoffs and bankruptcies, of economic recession and social collapse.

I don’t believe it will come to that. Our nation survived the crippling events of 9/11. It rebounded from the Great Recession. Yes, those events altered our way of life—irrevocably in some ways. But America always finds its footing, by individuals coming together, relying on each other, sharing observations and new ideas. Rallying with a collective creativity and business savvy. Fueled by a sum greater than its parts.

Already, amid the frightening headlines, I see this happening. Forums and threads to which dentists are contributing, asking questions, sharing advice. Competitors, but also colleagues, who understand we’re all in this together, that none of us have to face it alone.

As part of that effort to keep us connected and united as dental professionals, Glidewell is providing free education in the form of daily, one-hour CE courses via online webinar. A silver lining in these times is that we have a sudden opportunity to learn new skills and converse in a way that our typically busy schedules do not allow. Virtual attendees of our program will receive 1 CEU per course. Each course will consist of a 30-minute presentation from a noted authority, followed by 30 minutes of Q&A—or longer, if needed. The first is scheduled for Wednesday, March 25, on the topic of Dealing with COVID-19: Dental Practice Action Plan. It will be led by Dr. Roger Levin of Levin Group, Inc., the largest dental practice management firm in the U.S.

For more information about this and subsequent daily courses, please visit:

We think of this as a first, small step on the unknown path to recovery. Our hope is that it will help to encourage and inspire others. We plan to conduct these initial programs, carefully evaluate the feedback, and adjust to your needs as we move forward. Because fear and panic won’t see us through this. But rational action and meaningful collaboration just might.

Yours in health,
James R. Glidewell, CDT
President and CEO

Dear Doctor,

For 50 years, I’ve worked diligently to make quality dentistry affordable for more patients, to bolster the professional success of clinicians, and to provide stable and rewarding careers to those who’ve joined me in these pursuits.

It hasn’t always been easy. Over the past half century, we’ve encountered all manner of challenges—natural disasters, wars, recessions, terrorist acts, public health scares, and other life-altering disruptions. But what we do matters, to providers and their patients, and so we’ve weathered these storms, learning from each one, emerging stronger and better prepared as a result of the experience.

The threat posed by the COVID-19 “Coronavirus” outbreak has emerged as the latest test of our resolve, as a profession and a society. While those of us in the dental community are no stranger to the risks of blood borne pathogens and infectious disease, and combat them on a routine basis, we understand and appreciate the need for an abundance of caution at this time.

In addition to our exhaustive everyday sanitization and preventive measures, Glidewell has undertaken a number of auxiliary precautions, a list of which can be found above. Please consider bookmarking this page, and checking back often. While we have not yet experienced any disruption in services, we continue to remain vigilant and ready to act as the situation demands. Any and all operational updates will be posted here.

With our large and diverse employee population, and a far-reaching customer base, it would be irresponsible to believe this virus will bypass us completely. So even though we have no reported COVID-19 cases to date, we are operating proactively to avoid any negative impact to those who depend on us. As long as you continue to meet the needs of your patients, we’re committed to meeting yours.

Meanwhile, in a time of such uncertainty, I want to offer personal reassurance that nothing is more important to me than the health and well-being of our employees, our customers, and their patients. We’ve overcome such challenges before, and together, we’ll overcome this one, as well.

Yours in health,
James R. Glidewell, CDT
President and CEO

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