Implant Expertise | COVID-19 Recovery

Implant Expertise

Whether you’re a seasoned implantologist or just now looking to expand your treatment portfolio, our comprehensive suite of services make Glidewell a one-stop source for practical, affordable solutions in this leading area of dentistry.

Implant Education

From introductory videos and online courses to advanced hands-on learning opportunities and live patient demonstrations.

Hahn Tapered Implant System

Designed by the legendary Dr. Jack Hahn and named the official implant system of the Misch International Implant Institute.

Newport Surgical 

A streamlined assortment of surgical instruments and regenerative materials for the majority of bone grafting procedures.

Guided Surgery

For maximum safety and efficiency when surgically placing implants.

Inclusive® Mini Implants

Minimally invasive small-diameter fixtures that offer cost-conscious or medically compromised patients reliable levels of denture stabilization.

ZERAMEX® XT Implant System

Completely metal-free, this two-piece ceramic implant offers high biocompatibility and restorative flexibility for esthetically demanding cases. Supports natural, long-term esthetics, perfect for implant cases in the anterior or for patients with thin tissue biotypes.

Custom Restorations

Cement-free BruxZir® screw-retained crowns and the BruxZir Esthetic Implant Prosthesis are just some of our reliable, efficient, affordable implant solutions.

Inclusive® Prosthetic Components

High-quality, low-cost restorative components FDA-cleared for compatibility with popular implant systems.